Bebe Confort PREMIUM Milk Collection Containers x2

  • Breast protection
  • Enhance healing
  • Relieves engorgement
  • Milk collection

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Bebe Confort Premium Milk Collection Containers

The milk collection containers collect excess breast milk when feeding or using a breast pump.

The shells also prevent chafing and protect sore or cracked nipples and help them heal faster thanks to air circulation. Their gentle pressure allows milk flow and therefore helps relieve engorgement. Very convenient and easy to position, you can use the containers either while breastfeeding or pumping. Comes with an ultra-soft silicone membrane for a comfortable feeling.



    • Feels soft thanks to the silicone membrane


    • Protect painful nipples
    • Prevents chafing and helps heal cracks thanks to air circulation
    • The slight pressure allows milk to flow in case of light engorgement
    • Collects milk during feeding (from the other breast) or outside feeling times
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Dimensions 3.5 × 14.5 × 14 cm